There's a horse
               for everyone...

        Request your
               favorite horse

"Sugar", a sweet buckskin/dun
   mare, always has a beautiful
   colt with her.                                                      Twice Blended aka: "Angel"







Syd & Bud, Two wonderful geldings

     Everybody loves "Splash"           

     "Hobby" is a beautiful Palomino
    gelding who's quite the character.

          Rich and Single aka: "Mocha"

                        aka: "Sonny"

"Dutch", is a big strong beautiful bay/paint          
gelding who's quite sensitive & willing.             



                           Win Or Lose aka: "Casino" 
                                                                          "Leo" is considered "push-button".


   " Hobby, Casino & Splash are honored to
  carry the colors at the hometown parade !! "


 No Rhyme Know Reason        Future Wrangler
           aka: "Cowboy"                       Lexi   
( 9 year old AQHA Stallion )                                                


 "Abby" (Our quickest Team Penning Pony)