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laserlogopicleft.jpg (905 bytes) DON'T MISS IT! . . . MAY 27th to SEPT 30th 2017 . . . . . right1.jpg (1392 bytes)
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Grand Coulee's NEW laser light show, One River, Many Voices, is held nightly at Grand Coulee Dam starting the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through September 30. The show lasts about 30 minutes and is free of charge.

This narrated story,
combines colorful lasers that move across
the entire span of the dam, creating magnificent moving images that virtually dance across the spillway!

Beautiful music, and an uplifting patriotic finish, provide worthy entertainment for all ages!    
You can see and hear the program from and around the Visitors Arrival Center. Viewing bleachers are available. Also, a viewing area with outdoor sound system is provided across the river from the Visitors Center just past the Bridge.


fireworksMay00.gif (91110 bytes)  For More Info call 509.633.9265


MAY 26th -  JULY 31st   2018
10:00pm    NIGHTLY!

AUG 1st  -   AUG 31st 2018    9:30pm   NIGHTLY!

 SEPT 1st  - SEPT 30th  2018 8:30pm  NIGHTLY!

OCT 1st, 2015 - DEC 31st, 2018   OUT OF SEASON
Jan 1st, 2019 - May 24th, 2019


            Listen to the Show on the Radio....    90.1 FM              There are many great places to view the Show!
sphere.jpg (790 bytes)  Below the Visitors Arrival Center  
--- View and hear the show from the park at the base of the dam.    Lay out a blanket and enjoy!
sphere.jpg (790 bytes)   The Grassy Hill   ---
View and Hear The Show From the Landscaped Bleachers on the East Side of the Bridge.   Across From the Coulee Dam Business Area.
sphere.jpg (790 bytes)   Douglas Park 
--- On the right side of Columbia Ave (The main Hwy 155) 2 blocks past the Visitors Arrival Center in the town of Coulee Dam.  Bring your portable FM Radio, grab a blanket, and enjoy an excellent view!
sphere.jpg (790 bytes)   Third Power House Parking Area  
--- East across bridge...  Up the hill and continue Straight past the Outdoor BBQ,  through the gate, and on up to the Stop sign.  Turn Right and follow the paved road around to the large flat parking lot below the Third Power House.
sphere.jpg (790 bytes)   Crown Point Vista   ---
1 Mile Off of Hwy 174 West (mile post 19.5)  Fantastic View! 

 This Spectacular Laser Light Show is Approx 30 Minutes Long