GRAND COULEE DAM                                          
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    Grand Coulee Dam is truly magnificent to behold. Built from 1933 to 1975, it is 550 feet tall, from the 500 foot wide polished granite base, to the 30 foot wide crest which supports a paved two lane road. When you include the third power house, Grand Coulee Dam is almost 1 mile long. Did you know there is enough concrete in the Grand Coulee Dam to build a 60 foot wide highway four inches thick, from Los Angeles to New York City! ~  That is a 4 lane Highway  3,000 miles long.

 The only remaining wonder of the  7 Ancient Wonders of the World,
 is the Great Pyramid of Giza, Built between 2,595 BCE& 2565 BCE
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(over 30 Years and  a work force up to 100,000 ) near the city of Cairo, Egypt. 
The original height of the Great Pyramid of Giza  is approx 482 feet.  It's base covers over 13 acres.

    In comparison, the base of the Grand Coulee Dam is almost four
times as large as the Great Pyramid built by the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops).
t stands 550 feet in height, from the bedrock to the blacktop!  Like the
Pyramid, the Grand Coulee Dam has its galleries. They serve for gate inspections and control, drainage, re-grouting, cooling, and other
purposes. There are over eight and a half miles of corridors throughout
 the inside of the Grand Coulee Dam.
    In size, it is the 1st structure created by man to exceed that of the Great Pyramid in all respects, which was build [c. 2680 BCE]

Some will point out that the Great Wall of China is Larger...  Construction began around 700 BCE and was completed in the late 16th century to it's approximate 1000 mile length and varies between 18 and 30 feet in height. It was an on and off again project which was built in various stages spanning almost 900 years and as a whole, is larger than the Grand Coulee Dam. Consequently, The Grand Coulee Dams completion in late 1942, which tops the Great Pyramid, had a peak workforce of 7,700 and took a little over 9 years to complete!
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Grand Coulee Dam is truly The Eighth Wonder of the World!
    The Grand Coulee Dam sits deep in the Columbia River Gorge of North
Central Washington. It is located about 90 miles west of Spokane, 100
miles South of Canada's boarder, and about 230 miles east of Seattle.