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Emma Doyle
Shorleline, Washington
24 Jan 2006

Grand Coulee Dam is awesome!!! My family comes there every 
year and stay at the coulee playland resort, and go fishing 
and tubing on Banks lake! It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwynne James Mack
United Kingdom
13 Nov 2005

Looking forward to visiting your interesting Visitors Centre 
in June 2006 and to following the walking trails around the 
Grand Coulee Dam.

Brian Hannigan
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
28 Oct 2005

It certainly is impressive and with such a large capacity to 
generate power.  Begs the question, why isn't it being run, 
has it do with maintaining water levels?  Can't be much 
cheaper power to generate

Because Power cannot be saved.... it must be generated when 
needed... and because Grand Coulee Dam can increase its power 
generation at practically anytime can meet these immediate needs. 

(water going over the dam is actually unused... not going 
through the turbines to generate electricity.)   ~ Jim

moses lake wa
23 Oct 2005

It was kick. We drank a bunch. We were kinda scared of 
goin at first, because the old people, we figured theyed do 
alot complaing and I think they did but I thought Im not 
going to get grey hair and look like these logs.

  Hey, its a great place to go around the forth of July.
                                      Love the Lopez family

Asaba Owerri
13 Oct 2005

Hello, i found your site in google. it`s very nice and 
beautyful. Greetings Zauberer

kayla Pierog
aberdeen Washington
12 Oct 2005

i went to see the laser light show and it was the best ever!
i want tto go this year or next for my birthday party thats what 
we did last guys also have somecute little shops too!

Kettle falls
05 Oct 2005

Largo, Florida @2:38pm Saturday 24 Sep 2005
24 Sep 2005

Nephew Jim,  When I read the comments here some of them
run off the page to the right and it doesn't let anyone 
see the whole information that is written here. Do you, 
Jim, edit these pages and delete anything that isn't 
appropriate?  I hope you do ... Uncle Matt

Yes, I do edit this guest book... Jim

Peter Müller
Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
10 Sep 2005

Hello, i found your site in google. it`s very nice and 
beautyful. Greetings Zauberer

09 Sep 2005

Nice site, love the colors:))) new blog to talk about

Shannon Rishky
Boise, ID USA
04 Sep 2005

Sue ...  Wilma dirks was my mother and I just wanted to 
say thank you very much for your comment.  She did love 
being from Coulee Dam and was very proud to have worn 
the crown as Miss Coulee Dam.  

Uncle Matt in Florida
30 Aug 2005

Nephew Jim, Well, I am just here in the Seminole Library 
and was showing Una your Dad's B & B and found this web 
site again so thought I would send you this.  Una was the 
Lady whom you brought the poster,
"The Face on the Ballroom Floor" to.  Uncle Matt

Sally Westphal
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida  USA
11 Aug 2005

Visited the dam in July, 2005.  It was a wonderful experience.

Mike Furr
Tacoma Wa
05 Aug 2005

Great site...We come over every year for our anniversary...
We'll be there the week of aug 8th...The site really does 
the place justice...great fun for the whole family!!!

03 Aug 2005

I think the dam area needs more trees. 
Can you plant more trees; big green trees.  
Send me a message and I'll help:


24030 Mozzo (Bergamo) ITALIA
30 Jul 2005

I am an italian field engenear that, in 1977, has 
partecipated to the construction of the big elektric 
switchyard 550 Kv, under the power plant. The name of 
the italian switch is MAGRINI-GALILEO of BERGAMO. 
Remember the name of the chief: Chuck, end the enjioing
and wonderful ours of fishing in the river and the lake. 
I lived at Grand Coulee Dam Motel, very good persons!
Nowadays i am on old man (69 years old) and a young 
writer, and have written a book titled PATAGONIA CAFE'
 EXPRESS. So, my web is
Visit it, thank you! I hope to come back!!!

29 Jul 2005

Thanks for telling me about the site, it's great!  
Keep up the good work!

Bert Smith
Norman Oklahoma
18 Jul 2005

Recently ran across this site. Grew up in Coulee and 
visit each year and still love the place.  
My kids favorite place in the world. 
Thanks for providing this site.

18 Jul 2005

Great site, well done!
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Bob Halk
El Dorado, CA , USA
16 Jul 2005

I lived in Electric City in the late 40's and early 50's. 
I remember it as a great little town with nothing to do, 
but we were never bored.  It was a sort of Norman Rockwell 
type place.  We used to ride our bikes to Grand Coulee and 
Coulee Dam.  In visiting there later, I found that the towns 
are much closer together now than they were then.  
This was a perfect place for a boy to grow up in.

Dick and Joyce Behrens
Grand Coulee, WA 99133
16 Jul 2005

We moved here in 1948 and each taught school for 30 years. 
When we arrived I said we'd stay 2 or 3 years and we are 
still here.  It is a beautiful area, lots of lakes, golf 
course but ,most importantly, wonderful, caring people.  
Come visit us, you'll learn to love it.

Thanks, I have fond memories of being taught 4th grade and 
8th grade Science by Joyce and Dick. ~ Jim

Matthew 55 Pachosa
Largo, Florida, USA
16 Jul 2005

Just went into with the name Pachosa and this
came up that I signed in 2000 so desided to sign it again.
My post office mailing hasn't changed except for the ZIP 
Code since 23 July 1983 and is still 11557 124th Terrace 
North.  Phone number area code is all that changed too. 
(727) 581-8972 So wonder if anything will become of 
signing this again?  
I was born and went through high school in Grand Coulee!

carolyn schlax
grandview, washington
10 Jul 2005

interested in the dam. am counselor from grandview district. 
looking for info on bringing some students to visit the dam.
can you help?

Contact the Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerece:

Meri Erwin
Melbourne, FL  USA
09 Jul 2005

We are staying in Spokane, hope to travel to the dam 
tomorrow. The last time I was at the dam was 18+ years ago 
when I lived in Renton. My husband and 5 year old daughter 
have never seen the dam.

Charlotte Littlejohn
Riverview, FL
07 Jul 2005

My dad worked on the third power plant.  We lived up by 
coulee dams city hall, so I got to see the light on the dam 
all the time.  It was a great place to grow up.  Grand 
Coulee Dam is beautiful and peasefull place.  I will be 
there in July 2005 for my 30th class reunion.

25 Jun 2005

Nice site

18 Jun 2005


saint helens,OR,U.S.A !
14 Jun 2005

Tedd Stockham
Leesburg, FL  USA
13 Jun 2005

Family wants to visit-and possibly STAY...2006!

James Hatmaker
02 Jun 2005

Trying to locate some real time photos. I have looked 
everywhere. The web sites do not show the grand scale. 
So where do I go now...or do I change my vacation plans 
to another state.

The Magnitude and Beauty of the Coulee cannot be 
truly captured by images... even though we try... The 
unique Grand Coulee area must be seen and experienced
first hand to be fully appreciated. ~ Jim

sheri thomas
spokane wa spokane
29 May 2005

great place for fishing and camping

20 May 2005


Ritzville, WA
18 May 2005

Our Grand Daughter, from California,  will be visiting us 
for a couple of weeks in June and it is our intent to visit 
the Grande Coulee Dam while she is with us. We are looking 
forward to seeing the laser show and hearing the story of 
the Dam. We will be sure to have her visit this site and 
leave her comment after our visit.

Billings Montana
05 May 2005

I think Grand Coulee is an awesome place and people there 
are really friendly

Courtney Floyd-Christman
Rockford, WA, usa
05 May 2005

hey do u relize what weekend is coming up?!?!?!?!?  
well i sure do and it's colorama weekend, which means 
i get to have fun, grand coulee is such a great place 
to be, well if you read this and know who i am email me 
or i will see you down in the damn dam.

Dr.Eze Mgbada
04 May 2005

I have been here once but hope to visit again soon.
Not to forget, your site is very cute. Keep it up.

The Matison's
Puyallup, WA    Pierce County
22 Apr 2005

Great place to visit, make sure you go see Canyon Book Store. 
We hope to get there this summer since we have family there. 

Nick Youngers
Burleson, TX
17 Apr 2005

Though I am currently live in the Lone Star State, I come 
from the small town of Ephrata WA.  I grew up in the 
Columbia River Valley and it will always be my home.  

Stephen Kean
Tacoma, Wa
08 Apr 2005

Does anyone know what the fat little squirrel looking 
animals in the lower dam park are?  I asked a lot of 
people and most acknowledged they exist and the fact 
that they were cute, but no one could tell me what they were.

Just your typical Ground Hog ~ Jim

victor wilson
Redmond wash. King county
05 Apr 2005

Yarram Onbasi
04 Apr 2005

This is one of the best places I have ever seen. Thank you.

Paul S. Denny
Bothell, WA   USA
30 Mar 2005

Got to thinking about my years growing up in Coulee and came
by this web site.  My grandfather and 18 year old father 
helped to build the dam.  Grandpa built a small house in 
Mason City and my grandmother taught school in Almira where 
a lot of the construction people lived until housing was ready.
  After the way, my father returned to Coulee and became a 
Control Room operation of the Bureau. 

I remember walks from the sunny side, across the bridge, and 
over to the pool.  No matter how many times we climbed up 
and tumbled down the sandpile, we never got tired of it.  
The hamburgers at the swimming hole were the best and the 3 
meter diving tower took some nerve for a small kid to jump off.

Since my dad worked inside the dam, I always got 
the 'special' tour.

I was born on Yucca--down from Zowada's house.  In about 60' 
my dad and a few others built nice new homes on the street 
below and we had fantastic views of the dam.  I can still 
hear the roar of the water when it was spilling over.  

Have never seen the laser show--other than from 20,000 ft. 
when we flew over.  I remember the huge banks of colored 
lights that would fade from one to the next color.  
Low tech for sure, but still amazing to see.

Great web site.  It was fun to reminisce.

23 Mar 2005

nice website, i like your website. thanks!

Benjamin L. Antonio
Novato, CA
09 Mar 2005

09 Mar 2005

This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good.

Shara Michelle Hopkins
21 Feb 2005

15 Feb 2005


10 Feb 2005

absolutely beautiful area, very impressed when i visited!

Pete Barnes
Cda Idaho
07 Feb 2005

Jim, I emailed you earlier but thought I might try this 
option also.  Will the water level drop to the 1270's or 
1260's this year so rainbows will come in to shore and 
start biting?  Thanks again!

Born in Seattle. Now in Phoenix, AZ.
06 Feb 2005


A great book by "William Dietrich." Try

Enjoyable, interesting website.  Feb.2005

Randy walter
odessa, wa,united states
19 Jan 2005

i think the dam is really cool and fun to look at 
it i've been there a lot of times

12 Jan 2005

06 Dec 2004

Beautiful site!

06 Dec 2004

Wonderful site! keep up the good work! 

25 Nov 2004

i surf your site that's a great site.

Sana Rathore
16 Nov 2004

You've done extremely good job. Nice work

Serge M
California, US
14 Nov 2004

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07 Nov 2004

I liked your site, really informative website

06 Nov 2004

very good site and i am happy and goes well

03 Nov 2004

I do like fishing! Thanks for such site! 

sara hafeez
pakistan, karachi, defence
02 Nov 2004

hi i am sara haffe from pakistan, karachi

Cory Wright
Boise, ID
29 Sep 2004

Who cares about dams, how about some wild salmon and steelhead 
in Idaho! Thanks for the deprivation of these wonderful fish.

   Man and Nature often clash... but eventually things come 
fullcircle. Sometime in the future, the Power Generation from 
Grand Coulee and other dams will be outdated. Dams will only 
be needed for reservoirs and flood control.  Many will be 
removed to let the Rivers and Tributaries revert back to the 
way Nature Intended. 
       (This is happening in California right now.)

   For the meantime...  Better and cheaper technologies can 
create means of getting fish up and over the dams via NEW and or
improved fish ladders. (Only Grand Coulee Dam and Chief Joeseph 
Dam, 36 miles downstream of Grand Coulee, are currently the only
dams on the U.S. Columbia River that do not have Fish Ladders.)
Currently, Salmon and other fish can swim up the Columbia all
the way to the Okanogan River 6 miles below Chief Joeseph. This
Leaves out the San Poil river, Spokane river, Kettle River, all
Idaho, Eastern Montana, and Canadian Rivers, as well as numerous
rivers, lakes and streams in Eastern Washington.

   Building fish ladders on Chief Joeseph and Grand Coulee is 
a large task, but can be undertaken and completed in the near
future. Right now there are many people working on various 
means to get this accomplished, and soon, maybe you will see 
Salmon swimming in your Idaho rivers. ~ Jim

26 Sep 2004

Greetings from Canada! I didn't know too much about the Grand 
Coulee Dam until I happened upon this site. 
Very interesting and informative.

Danny Haszard
Bangor Maine
24 Sep 2004

I have worked on heavy construction projects as a concrete 
form carpenter all my life.The Grand Coulee Dam is a triumph 
indeed. Cheers,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

gede goweh
12 Sep 2004

Great site, will recommend to friends

Agnes Goldingay
Auburn, WA USA
01 Sep 2004

We keep coming back to the coulee damn area year after year 
and always enjoyed it.  The children love the laser show and 
always look forward to it.

Yolanda Dickey
Winthrop, Washington USA
17 Aug 2004

I have just visited your web site as I am planning to bring 
my daughter to watch the laser show in a couple weeks.  My 
dad worked on the Grand Coulee Dam (and Chief Joseph), so 
am eager to visit as I have just recently moved back to 
Washington.  Have not been there since the l950's.  We are 
looking forward to our visit.  Thank you.  

16 Aug 2004


16 Aug 2004

its true, the site is wonderfull

16 Aug 2004

this site is good

lorma and trevor kempster
12 Aug 2004

magnificent light show, something for everyone to admire, 
Structure and scenery. Well Done!!!

Curt Mitchell
Shreveport, LA
11 Aug 2004

I grew up in Electric City and left in 1978.  My father worked 
on the Third Powerhouse.  I have fantastic memories of the area.
Hiking on the Coulee Wall and swimming in Banks Lake.   
To those who grew up in the area they'll remember hanging out 
at Rapid Robert's and the Gravel Pit.   I cannot think of a 
better place for a boy to grow up.

08 Aug 2004

I thought the Grand Coulee Area was awesome. 
Lake Roosevelt was Awesome. 
The lazer(sic) show at GCD (Grand Coulee Dam) was Awesome, 
except some of the story Line was lousy. I think you might want 
to re-edit the narration. They probably did not think much about
this when they wrote it. I could see how it easily slip the mind. 
But in the Narration they said that “chaos gave birth to the 
Columbia River”. Then later they claimed the “Columbia River was
Power and strength.” Well are you trying to teach that Chaos 
gives birth to Power and strength? And the narration was stating
an unproved theory to the public, as if it were a sure thing. 

I don’t think that right or fair, to mislead the public like 
that. And if you think of all the complexity and the design and 
Engineering that took place to create the Grand Coulee Dam,
 and then compare it to the complexity of the Columbia, plant 
and animal life and all nature, it makes the complexity of GCD 
look like practically nothing. So then how can anyone (in there 
right mind) state that “chaos gave birth to the Columbia”.  If 
chaos gave birth to something as complex as the Columbia, Why 
didn’t chaos give us something as simple as Grand Coulee Dam. 

 I felt like the Narration at the GCD lazer(sic) show was 
trying to insult my intelligence by telling me that it takes 
years of complex engineering and labor to create GCD. But 
simple chaos created the complex and unique Columbia River.

Editor's Response:

The Universe was created out of CHAOS... (You Know, the Big 
Bang... about 14.5 Billion Years ago or so....)  It was finally 
Man who utilized what Nature provided and brought ORDER to some 
of NATURE'S CHAOS....     OK... Beavers permanently changed the
environment drastically around them by building dams before man 
did, But Man surpassed the Beavers ability Millions of Years ago.

Man build Grand Coulee Dam and changed the future of the 
Columbia River in less than 10 Years, 1933-1942.

The Columbia River was formed over Eons and the Grand Coulee 
was formed during the Many Ice Ages over 100's of Thousands of 
Years... This Happened When Great Lake Missoula, An Ancient Ice 
Dam 2000 Feet tall in Western Montana, would eventually break. 
It Broke Many Many times, and sent Huge amounts of Water toward 
the Pacific.  Each Time, More than 10 times the flow of ALL the 
Rivers in the World would Flow towards the Ocean.   This was 
CHAOS...  Up to 65 miles per hour, a towering wall of water and 
ice, literally Thundering and shaking the earth on its way 
through the Pacific North West to the Ocean. This water carved 
the Columbia River Drainage and the Gorge, Dumped soil in the 
Willamette Valley, Flooded the Columbia River Basin and carved 
out the Grand Coulee, Dry Falls... Etc., on it's Tumultuous 
Journey to the sea.

Man was able to harness the otherwise destructive power of the 
Columbia River's Annual massive flooding, and create good 
things with it. Power, Water, Lakes, Irrigation... It was and 
is, an Engineering Marvel, It is still the most POWERFUL Dam in 
North America, (Largest Power Producer) It STRENGTHENED 
America's ability to win WWII, Creating Power to turn out over 
40% of theU.S. Aluminum for the U.S. War Planes and Ships, as
well as providing power and labor to Hanford, which made the 
Two nuclear bombs that ultimately ended World War II.

So the Columbia River was Created from CHAOS over Millennia,
and the Grand Coulee Dam now Provides Power and Water to 
Hundreds of Thousands of people every day.

There are over 100 Nuclear Power Plants that produce 800 
Billion Megawatts/year, about 20% of the Annual U.S. Power.
The Grand Coulee Dam Alone, produces 57 Billion Megawatts/
year, 1.5% of the United States POWER Needs Per Year, and 
over 1/3 of the U.S. Columbia River POWER output. (All the 
other U.S. Columbia River Dams together, produce 3% of the 
Annual U.S. Power Needs.) That is a lot of STRENGTH for One 
Dam, and it is only 1 of 14, (3 Dams are in Canada.), on the 
Once Mighty Chaotic Columbia. 
~ Jim

Biak - Papua - Indonesia
26 Jul 2004

Hi... your site is very interesting and so Nice with good 
information. Warm greeting from Biak Papua Indonesia.

07 Jul 2004


Sharon Hett
Pasco, WA.
23 Jun 2004

I came up about 13 years ago and saw the light show and I was
real impressed. I am going to come back this year sometime and 
bring my grandson. I can't wait to see the laser show again.

Lynne Zastre
Emmett, Idaho
01 Jun 2004

We visited Grand Coulee over Memorial weekend.  
I love the city surrounding the dam.  
My husband is thinking of applying for a position with the 
Bureau of Reclemation.  He has been with them for 10 years 
now and works for Black Canyon Dam in Emmett Idaho.  
I think we would like it there.

Julia A Lidke Cingle
Yakima, WA, USA
17 May 2004

My Uncle Havey VanCello was one of the first men who worked
on the dam when it was being built.  I know that I still 
have family in Grand Coulee, Electric City and Coulee Dam, 
but they are distant.  My Uncle, Aunt Lela VanCello, 
grandmother, Verna Whiting have passed on and are 
buried at Spring Canyon.  I plan to bring my husband 
(who was born in this state but never seen the Dam), 
plus my children and grandchildren this summer.  
Thank for the web site because I can see alot has changed 
but I still recognize the area.  I used to swim at banks
lake every afternoon and evening with my cousins and Uncle.
good job.   

Harold Owens
Kansas City, Missouri   USA
16 May 2004

Fantastic website!! BRAVA! Very well put together and easy to 
navigate. Keep up the good work. God himself must live in the 
Coulee Dam area. I can't wait to get there.

J T Richardson
Charlestown Indiana USA
28 Apr 2004

Visited last summer.  Barbequed at the base of the dam.  
It was great!  My son spent hours chasing seagulls.  
I am sure the Grand Coulee is more massive than Hoover.  
If I were a younger man, would seriously consider relocating 
to this area.  We will return for a longer stay someday.

Editor: Click HERE to See Response below

Elise J. Stockwell
Seattle, Washington, USA
17 Apr 2004

My parents, my kids and I went to see the laser light show 
a couple of years ago at the dam and really enjoyed it.  
We are planning on seeing it again this summer-late June- 
with my parents again also and enjoying the town, too! 
You have a very wonderful area!

       Elise J. Stockwell

Nancy Spicher-Cesar
Juneau, Alaska
10 Mar 2004

Used to live there.  Left in 1981. Still miss it.  Hope to 
be able to bring my family and show them where I grew up 
(early childhood).  I am also anxious to see all of the 
changes. Maybe this summer.  Thank you for the website, 
it gives me back a bit of my childhood.

Bob Philmore
Spokane, Wa
08 Mar 2004

This is an awsome dam. I liked it a lot. The visitor center 
had a lot of useful info. It dates back a long way. 

Courtney Christman
Rockford, WA, USA

I was back down in the GCD for my birthday which is 
August 16....i turned 15 when i was down there...i spent 
the weekend with my mom and my cousin Dominque 
mom is Linda Floyd...i love the GCD area it is the best place 
in the dad grew up in the Grand Coulee area when 
they were dad graduated in 1983 from LRHS...i was 
hoping to graduate from there but my dad don't want me to 
bcuz he thinks i am not going to learn anything which i 
will...well my dads name is Steve Christman...and if you 
know any of the people i have mentioned in this please 
email me asap! thank you I LOVE GRAND COULEE DAM!

Mark Everett
Seattle, Washington

I made fun of my new friend when he told me that every 
year him and his other friends would go to Coulee every 
year for memorial day weekend to go camping.  Then I found 
myself with nothing to do on that weekend.  Some of my best 
memories were had there and with the people that i met that 
weekend.  Coulee will always hold a special spot in my heart.



Dear Sir/Madam,
Could you please send me a pictorial booklet about 
The Grand Coulee Dam.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely
Address.Mehmet Temiz
173/1 Sok.No.2/3 Basin Sitesi 

Amanda Zeigler


I was so glad to find this page about the grand coulee dam. 
I am so fond of it since it was the last time me and my best 
friend Katie had spent anytime together. We went to the laser 
light show with her cousin and I think her grandparents too. 
She was staying with her grandparents when we were in the 8th 
grade. Then I moved to California and have not seen nor heard 
from her since thats why grand coulee is special to me. I am 
sure we all I have our reasons :))

ps. Katie if you read this please email me

chelcia mawdsley
omak washington

just wanted to say hi to my favorite cuz daniel 
morris and i hope you havea great year give me a 
halla some time. lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Beam
Bali, Indonesia

Great website!! I surfed into your website and found many 
interesting information.
Jim Beam. 

Sandra Curtis
Spokane, Wa.  United States

We are looking forward to our visit to Grand Coulee Dam.  
I have never been there before and I have heard from other 
people that is it  a real pretty area.

Jill Bird
Vancouver,  WA  USA

I am writing in regards to the passing of a relative, 
William John McFadden, who we lost on 08/22/03.  
He was a Signalman in the early days of the construction of 
the dam.  Anyone with information on that period of time 
please pass it on. Thanks,
Jill Bird

Surrey, BC, Canada

When I finally found this website on the Dam it totally 
filled me in oneverything I was inquiring about. I am 
planning to visit the area in the next few days and hopefully
the information will help me out a great deal. Already I feel 
more at ease after navigating through the information 
provided on this site.

Hod Payne
Klama Falls OR.  USA

Gosh, I thought it would be bigger, like Hoover Dam.

Actually, it depends on what you are talking about 
when making these comparisons...

          Length | Height | Yards of Concrete  | Power Capacity
Hoover: 1,244 ft | 726 ft |   3.25 Mil. Yards  | 2,078 Megawatts
Coulee: 5,223 ft | 550 ft |  12 Million Yards  | 6,809 Megawatts 
ance: | GCD is   | Hoover | Grand Coulee Dam   | Grand Coulee Dam
      | over 4 X | is 1/3 | has over 3.5 Times | can produce over
      | Longer.  | Taller.| as Much Concrete.  | 3.3 X more power.

             3 out of 4 ain't bad....    Jim

Lela Hanson
Yelm Washington thurston

My husband and I have been vacationing in Grand 
Coulee for over 8 yrs.  We love it so much that we 
are looking into buying property there.  We hope to 
retire there in a few yrs.  One of our must does, 
while there is seeing the laser show "love it"  
it's good to have a web site to tell people of your 
love for Grand Coulee. thanks.

William Waser

Was born there at the Dam on 10*26*1949!!!!!!!
Finally got to return and tour about three years ago.

melissa morris
prosser wa US

we have been to many other places and nothing can top 
of Grand Coulee Dam This is so far the best place to 
live or even visit. Is a matter of fact if i had the 
money to live there i would have moved there about 
five to six years ago.  thanks Grand Coulee

Valerie Clover
Grand Coulee


Juliene Hunter Munts
Hayden, ID

My love for the Grand Coulee Dam area is greater than the 
space provided here to express.  Glad a fellow classmate 
thinks enough to provide this website for so many curious 
tourists, etc.!
Good thing your Uncle Matt told me about this site!

I have questions regarding photos for the class reunion.  
Zap me an e-mail so I'm sure I have the right one.  Thanks!

An old friend.

David Owens
Southeast Pennsylvania

Dave to be quick, storm moving in..... I watched the 
Grand Coulee Dam on the Discovery channel as I browsed 
this web site. I've seen it once twenty years ago. Viewing 
the web site along with the program made it so much more 
interesting. We need more programs and web sites showing 
everyone all our man made wonders. Keep up the great work!

Thanks~ Jim P.S. That is a great, informative video... 
email me for Info on how to obtain your own copy.

Jake Voth
Deerfield Beach, FL

The Grand Coulee Dam was a topic of conversation, at my 
house, all of my life.My father was a construction worker, 
at the dam, and he spoke of Grand Coulee Dam at family get 
togethers, barbecue's and so on.  I'm very proud that he 
was one of many hard working people who helped build such 
a spectacular structure.


Really enjoyed browsing through your site. 
Lots of information and an nice desgin. 
Keep going! Cheap airline tickets

Jo Ann Taylor

Looking for Mike Reano
I have info on The Reano Family

government grants
New York<!--

We really enjoyed your site. We were wondering when you 
were going to update it again? John. 
It's a constant challenge to keep creating new content.
But I Manage from time to time...  Keep Checking Back !! ~ Jim

Marge Durfee
Largo, Fl.

Would love to visit the Grand Coulee area. Maybe someday.
Have been to the state of Washington and it is beautiful 
as is all of the west that we saw.
Marge Durfee

eleanore danner
St. Petersburg, fl.  33708, USA

Grand Coulee area sounds like a very interesting place to 
visit.  If I ever get near I will surely make the rounds 
to see all of your attractions.

Uncle Matt Pachosa

Wonder what happened to Craig?  haven't seen any messages 
from him in awhile.  The rest sometime email a lot and then 
there are the drab periods....Matt The computer say 5:44 am.  
I am in my Nephew Jim's's great.  Just look at 
how nice his web page is.  I started him on html, but he sure 
has progressed way ahead of me.Look here: and write something in the 
guest book. Before six CDC wrote in the guest book and 
only one of them mentioned that they knew his uncle Matt.  
So Jim send me the email where Yvonne wrote in the guest book.  
I guess I could write something in the guest book so you could 
read it if you want to get the idea. 

Tyler Mann
Marysville, Wa

I really enjoy visiting the Grand Coulee Dam area. 
I love watching the lazer light show. I think that 
Spring Canyon Campground has an awesome beach. 
When the tour of the dam was open that was really amazing. 
Hopefully the tour will be up and running again soon. 
I look forward to coming to Grand Coulee Dam this summer.

Daily Tours & the Nightly Laser Light Show Run All Summer Long,
Starting Memorial Day Weekend and Ending Sept 30th.     Jim

Richland, Wa USA

It was a very fun experienc to see the dam and the amazing 
trails to hike! I have thought of already going back on a 
vacation to have a little more fun and get a chance to take 
some more very scenic hikes viewing the dam and wild life!

Bryan Cooper
Seattle, WA

Thanks for the Krispy Kreams, Jim!!!

Salish Lodge & Spa Staff
Snoqualmie, WA

Michael Canepa
Detroit, MI United States

Grand Coulee--every Memorial Day Weekend.  Rain or shine, 
warm or cold...For my friends and I, the time of our lives.  
Times I often remember, and will never forget.  Thanks, bro'!

Chad Scalise
Boise, Idaho

Hello....I never would have imagined the Grand Coulee area 
would mean much to me the first time I visited.  What 
started as a Memorial day road trip in 1993 turned into 
an annual getaway that continued until 2000.  I miss the 
anticipation of that Memorial weekend "Coulee" trip...met 
many great friends there and hope that one day we can all 
meet there again....Big shout to those who lived the 
Eli,Pershia,Deanne,Beth,Joe,Perry,Ben,Angela and all others...
Here's to all the moments from "Herb the Bum" to a dine-and-
dash to all the great concerts in the gorge!!!!


I think this program is great if your website that you can't 
get to is blocked off and you don't why!

Rob Smith
Auburn, Wash.

I graduated in 1979, and Like the area so much my family 
and I just bought40 acers above Grand Coulee, Bring your 
dogs and lets hunt some birds!!

Westley DeChenne
W.a.  Grand Coulee

I think that this place is a lot of fun in the summer
but it needs a place for people that are 21 and over 
but under 50 to hang out and meet each other. STAND BY 

Robert Chamberlain
Electric city

i  have  lived in grand coulee for about 20 years  its pretty 
cool place lots of swimming holes  verry entersting place 
to live and verry cool place to  visit!

Courtney Christman
Rockford, Wa

I love the Grand Coulee Dam area.  In fact I grew up there 
two years of my life.  When I was one and two.  Then I moved 
in with my grandparents my eighth grade year.  Then I moved 
out April 22, 2002...   This is the best town in the world!!...
Thanks for making this website and town!!     I LOVE IT!!


Compliment for the site! 
Visit the site of the main Reiki center in Milan:

Joanie Anne Groller
Silverdale, WA Proudly in the USA

Hello everyone! My Husband and I were thinking about 
moving to the area. My husband is applying for the Coulee 
Dam Police dept. We both thought it would be great to 
raise our children in the quiet serene area of Grand
 Coulee. If anyone knows where to get the pictures of 
Roosevelt at Grand Coulee email me. 
Thank you for your positive attitudes!!

Shoreline Wa

It was a great place to grow up.  We all had a blast!  The 
people are wonderful and the summers are the best.  Joe and 
I enjoy going back "JUST FOR A VISIT"!  If your in town, 
stop by the PUB and see if Jimmerand them are play'in.  
I think that's what I enjoy the most about GCD.

robin burow
enumclaw washington usa

it was aboustly georgeous. i went there on a trip with my 
family last summer and we went and saw the lazer show two 
times. its something i will never forget.

Tonny Trisnawan Bali Hilton
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Cool website! Interesting info.

The VerSchneider's 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

My brother works at Grand Coulee Dam, and our son is extremely 
interested in the dam.  He is constantly going to the site just to see the picture of the dam.
Thanks for having it.
Anthony, Suzanne, Justin and Emily


Hey! I enjoyed your stuff here and hope to be back this way 
soon. If ya have time, www,

Janina Paczosa
Starogard Gd. Poland

Hello to everybody! I am a Polsih woman (42) and I am 
searching the family root from my dad's side. The 
brother of my dad - Anthony Paczosa, born in Izbica, 
Poland -  went to USA around 1910. So, if someone could 
help me in my searching the Paczosa (Pachosa) family 
roots I would be very grateful. 
Please contact me at following e-mail ad:

My postal ad is:
Janina Grelewicz
ul. Sikorskiego 23 A/21
83-200 Starogard Gd.

It is all for now. Greetings from Poland - Janina.
Janina, I have tried your email address and got rejected.
I do have information contacts that would help you.
Please reply with your new email address, Thanks... Jim

Dave Speigel
Spokaloo, WA

Hello everyone down there in the coulee!!! 
Hope to get down again for some fishin on
that happinin' Lake Roosevelt.

FM Sheehy
Gravesend, Kent, England.

I loved my stay in Grand Coulee and was awe struck at 
the great natural beauty of the area  and the structural 
magnificence of the dam

mount vernon,WA,usa

um..............if possible can I have the measurements
for the dam im doing a school project and i need the 
measurements or im gonna fail.

Approx 63,000 inches long. ~ Jim

ephrata wa

Hello I am writing to those of you from Grand Coulee 
who went to school there around 1955 Wilma Funston 
Dirks who was MISS GRAND COULEE 1955 passed away on Sunday 
the 26th of Nov. She was always very proud to be from 
Grand Coulee. Rest In Peace Wilma


I have probably visited the Grand Coulee Dam more than anyone.  
I used to live in spokane and when family would visit, I always 
took them to Grand Coulee.  The laser light show really added to
 the visits.  I moved back to my home state of WV.  I will be 
coming out for a visit in May.  Plan to be there for the first 
night of the show.  love this place,  sue

Cody Williams

This is the best resource site for information on the GCD yet.  
It is helping me with my research project for 
Washington State History.  Thank you.

Cory C
Electric City, WA

Where are all the single women...I'm 20 and I live here in 
the GCD area, and I'm looking for a date.  Talk to me!

Tanya Cusiter
Abbotsford, BC Canada

I went to the Grand Coulee Dam with my class when I was 
in 9th grade and we got a tour of it. It was really neat...
an awesome place to visit!

Everett Washington USA

My family and I go to the dam every single summer and 
sometimes more than once to see it. We have a summer 
home on Sun Lakes and love it over here.
Great looking website of the dam!

Anna Sandman

i love going to the grand coulee dam area. my family and 
i always go there every summer to see the light show and 
to go camping. i always have so much fun!
~*Anna Sandman*~

Electric City, WA

I live here and enjoy the beaches, jumping off the rocks 
(at Banks-my paradise) are addictive, historical sittings, 
adventurous dirt road trips, camping on the reservation, 
nice scenery, friends & family. graduated here at LRHS Class 
of '90.  the guest book and website is very impressive, found 
long lost friends on this guest book!  this is a great 
recreational area.  all you famous rock stars better come 
visit and sign this page AND jam here at the PUB!

Mary Caswell
Brewster, Washington U.S.A.


gary,lorrie snyder & family

my family loves gcd area we visit every year once or twice our
second trip this year will be 8/31/02 for the anniversary 
fireworks show. always looking forward to a trip to the dam.

David Michaud

I thought the town was just splendid but I was a little 
disappointed in the lack of a decent gay bar. You must address 
this issue in order to get my "two snaps and a twist" review.  
Also, the Flying J burritos were to die for.

Pantaleon S. Saya-ang
Iligan City, Philippines

impressive websites...its well done....but I wonder if 
there was much public objection when this dam was first 
planned to beconstructed...where I believe that increasing 
the head water level...would mean a considerable habitable 
area that will go underwater.

The Dam Raised the Water Level of the Columbia approx. 315 ft at 
full pool and back over 150 miles to the Canadian Border.  Most 
of the underwater Roads were rebuilt above the full pool line. 
Many communities,  Indian burial grounds, Indian fishing holes, 
Waterfalls, animal and plant habitatand probably others that I 
haven't mentioned were overrun. But the most permanently 
affected was the Salmon Run which was stopped at Chief Joeseph 
Dam, 34 miles downstream from the Grand Coulee Dam on the 
Columbia.  ~ grandc

Melanie Avey
Kennewick, WA

I was born and raised in the Grand Coulee Dam area and 
graduated in '97. A large majority of my family lives in 
the area, so I still "come home" when I can. It is truly 
a beautiful place...I miss the "Coulee Walls" (mountains)! 
There are hills down here, but it just isn't the same! My 
boyfriend, Ed, and I had a wonderful time there on the 4th 
of July watching the Laser Show and fireworks. It was 
great to see you, Cousin Jim! Your website rocks!


Would like to help a visitor find a 1940's street map of 
Coulee Dam, WA.  She would like to take a picture of her 
grandfathers house at 1 Ninth Street, but the street names 
seem to have been changed.

Dan Russell
Puyallup, WA

The Coulee Dam area is a great place to take the family 
for a weekend. The laser show is awsome and is something 
that everyone should see. 

leslie Ames
Frenchtown, Mt.

Purpose for of this citys residents (actually a 
family member moving here perhaps) has lost a Golden 
Retriever/yellow lab cross while driving west on hiway 90 
on July3.   Ginger leaped out of a traveling truckbed and 
may be injured.  They were about 5-9 miles East of Superior, 
Mt.  We have posted in that town in hopes someone has seen
her.  For any info, please notify me and I will pass it 
along..Leslie, Basset Rescue of Mt.
my email phone 406-626-4331.....  
Ginger, if able, might be trying to get back to Butte, Mt. or 
injured and staying put around Superior, Mt.   Her picture is 
being posted in Lozeau, Mt. and Superior, Mt. in am....

Thank-you everyone.....  

7/8/2002 Ginger Was Found in Lozeau Near the Stagecoach Grill 
(Exit 55 I-90) in Good Spirits, but extremely tired... 
A Special Thanks to the Lozeau Community and town of Superior 
in Mineral Co. MT. for searching for Ginger during the past 5

A Very Special Thanks to Pat & Fred at the Stagecoach, 
Leslie & Sue


yea i use to live in grand coulee dam o yea i do 
well my grandpa worked on it too and he was in ww2 and my uncle 
was in da viet nam and day both past away it was sad but now day 
r happy up dare and u should no how it feels like if someone pass 
away and i am happy dat he helped build da dam dat all.  peace.  
happy 4th of july wish me a happy bday 2.

Moses Lake, WA

The light show is such a fun thing to see.  
What are the schedules this summer?

July ...      Start at 10:00PM
August...     Start at  9:30PM
September...  Start at  8:30PM 



I love visiting the Grand Coulee area. We are doing something 
different for the 4th of July this year. We live in Seattle and 
are camping at Sun Lakes and then going to go the dam for the 
family party and fireworks/laser show.              Brian Ward

Brian Hall
Sumner, WA

My grandfather was a powerhouse operator at the dam, and 
my uncle, a maintenance worker.  My family from Seattle 
visited our relatives in Coulee Dam every year while I 
was growing up.  We camped at Steamboat Rock state park 
for many years.  We return occasionally to visit relatives 
who remain in the area.  I have many of my warmest memories 
of the times we spent with family in the Grand Coulee area.

Metaline Wa 

I use to live there I like it very much!! I like the laser light 
show a lot. I still go there in the summer too. Well thank you 
for reading this. Misti Cromwell

Mark Hachtel
Kirkland Washington 
I am leaving tomorrow for another great time fishing and more 
fishing with my brothers Larry, David, my brother in law Don, 
My Moms husband Larry and most of all My son Donny Ray Hachtel 
whom is ten years old. This is the 1st time we all get to go 
at the same time and I know this will heal some old wounds and 
bring us all closer then we have been. Thanks to you all for 
maintaining and having such great parks and sites that bring 
us to realize the beauty Mother Nature can provide. 
See you soon! 

Mark Hachtel

first page i could find that told me whether or not it had 
tunnels and corridors on the INSIDE. :P Thanx! ~Ethwi

Cindy Bowman 

If you look way down at the almost bottom of this guestbook, 
you will see where I signed it back in 2000. I spoke of 
meeting Brian and his family.  I just thought I would update 
all the readers...and let you know, we got married on July 
14 of 2001!  And we had our wedding in a very nice couples 
back yard, that faces the base of the Grand Coulee Dam. 
 The roses were in full bloom as all the flowers were, it 
was warm and beautiful.  The happiest day of my far!
This is the greatest place to visit, hopefully one day when 
America feels secure and safe again, the dam will be able 
to open up to tourists fully, to share all of the beauty this 
area has to offer! Thanks for all the memories, and thank you 
for being apart of memories in the making!

Bunny Thiele
Glendale, Utah, Kane 

In two weeks I will be making my first trip to your area 
and have heard so much about it from a very good friend 
of mine.  I will write when I return and let you know if 
it all lives up to his description....I'm sure it will. 

Also, I would appreciate any information you can send me 
regarding camping facilities and the costs.

Thank you,

David & Stephanie Hansen
Spokane, WA U.S.A.

I cant wait to see the dam,  Its looks like you have done a 
wonderful job of making it visitor friendly.
thank you.

Teddy Sutton
Redmond, Oregon USA 

I visited the dam when I was 12 years old for a summer. 
A week does not go by that I do not have very vivid dreams 
regarding returning to the dam. I am now 46 years old and 
fear that seeing it through an adults eyes might somewhat 
diminish the experience (it may not seem so grand!). That 
is why I've never been back, I do not want to loose what 
is imprinted in my mind as the dam being the most wonderful 
site I have ever witnessed.

Tom Davis
Seattle, WA, King 

  Sun, peace and quiet, clear skies, a beautiful lake and 
your closest friends to enjoy it with you.  
Grand Coulee (Spring Canyon), has been a summer vacation 
escape for many years.  Raise the lake level and heat up 
the sand... can't wait to be back there!    

C. Markley
Lakewood, WA 

We participated in a Volkswalk on 27 April with the Foolhardy 
Folks Volksmarch Club That was a G-R-E-A-T event with fabulous 
scenery from the top of Steamboat Rock. Grand Coulee Dam area 
is a marvelous place to visit.  
We highly recommend a trip for all ages.

Fran Mc Dermott
St. Petersburg, Fl  USA 

Have never been there...but it looks.."breathtaking".  
Maybe someday it can be a reality.  
I get a lot of information  about your resort from your 
relative......Matt!!!!!  Became acquainted with him through 
his "CDCers Club"...find him to be a very interesting,  
intelligent, well traveled, educated and 
to be around person!!  (^ - ^)  Fran

Carol and Bill Markley 

We spent the weekend of 27-28 Apr in Grand Coulee. Spent the
evening at the Columbia Inn. Very courteous people and a nice 
motel.  Participated in a walk at Steamboat Rock.  What a 
fabulous view from the top.  Lovely country.  We really 
enjoyed our weekend in eastern Washington.

Gerry Rome

Grand Coulee Dam, and the nearby Spring Canyon campgrounds 
has become an escape for me and my 2 best friends, Tom and 
Curtis. We have been there almost every year for the last 
11 years. The sun, the fun, the peace and quiet,...have all 
become part of our lives, and will be for as long as we live. 
"I am power, I am strength....I am the mighty Columbia.... 
I am life."

Katy Olsen
Neola, Utah, USA 

Each time I go home in the summer we always visit the GCD it 
brings back so many memories! This site helped me show my 
inlaws exactly what I was talking about!  They think it's a 
beautiful area with a ton of fun things to do and see!

Tracy Gates

The first time I went to see the Grand Coulee Dam , my best 
friend and her husband took us there,it was summer and we 
went camping.  Her mom owns the gift shop and the concession 
trailer at the VAC and in the parking lot.  We loved our 
vacation.  A couple of years later,my best friend and her 
family movedthere so she could help her mom with the 
concession trailer. I miss her alot , but we stay in 
touch and she visits here and we visit there in the 
summer every year now.  The laser light show is soooo  
cool, we go every night because her and her mom have the 
trailer and the gift shop open...... ...See you soon 
Jerri,Dan,Alissa,and Micki & Smitty......we miss you,
and all the fun we have in Grand Coulee !!   
Spring Canyon again this year K?    =)       <3 ~ T,T,T,&T

Sharlene England 

I love going to the dam and enjoy the laser show.
I find you web page to be nice and easy to use.

Thank You,

Anne Slater-Huffstutler
Puyallup, WA USA 

I was born in Spokane and lived in Grand Coullee Dam 
for the first three years of my life.  I haven't been 
back in almost 5 years and miss it terribly.  I have 
a son of my own now and can't to show him where mommy 
spent most of her summers.  Grand Coullee Dam will 
always be my real home.  I remember me and my sister 
building "pretend" beaver dams in the small ditches 
that ran along douglas street, sending our bicycles 
down the road, with no riders and last but not least 
watching the laser light shows and eating cotton candy.  
Its one of the most beautiful sights in the world and 
I hope more people will partake in this wonderful sight.

Yolanda Yomama 

hey i just wanna day the laser show at the Grand 
Coulee Dam is of the heezy.  I didnt like the ride 
up but hey its all gravy baby.

Frank Sheehy
Gravesend,Kent, England 

In 1999 I was sent by my company to work at the 
Grand Coulee Dam, it took me 21 hours to get to Spokane 
and another 2 hours the next day to finaly reach Grand Coulee,
WOW my first sight of the dam was stiring and is a memory 
that is etched in my brain. It was spectacular. As I moved 
towards it and I could take in the magnificent contours of its 
design,I thought its awesome beauty a tribute to the 
genious of man kind was only outshone by the hand work of 
God that it is carved into, the surrounding hills and the
meandering of the Colombia river. You are very lucky people 
to be surrounded by the abundant beauty that surrounds your 
home and I wish I was there with you. I have lost contact 
with two really nice guys who i worked with there, Ron Spangler
and James Boveido who work at the Power plant of the dam. 
If you see them ask them to get in touch, God Bless!

kevin milne
new zealand 

surfed in to have a look at one of the great wonders of our
age-truly great and the stats are hard to comprehend 
especially the amount of concrete-god bless you all in the usa.


I dont actually have any comments yet about grand 
coulee but i was wondering if anyone could tell me 
about the festival that goes on at the end of may. 
memorial day weekend? any info would be helpful. 
please just email me at hope 
to hear from some of you soon. 

Hod Payne
Klamath Falls, OR.  USA 

went to some grade school and high school at GC., class of 48, 
but do to a car wreck in Jan. finished school in Spokane.
Worked as an ironworker for Pacific Bridge, Lecombe,
EE Setigran. (not sure of the spelling) We put the railing on 
top of the dam.  worked on the railroad for B of R on a summer 
job, 47. If anyone I worked with or went to school with reads 
this, shoot me a E-Mail.I wrote a book about the construction 
of GC.  It's called, A Man, A Woman and a Dream. Much Luck.  



Tyler Puckett
Texas, USA 

You did a great job on your web page! Please visit the 
Puckett Family Home Page at 
Please sign in the Guest Book. 

Merry Christmas, Tyler Puckett


Thanks for the info, used it on a report for school. 
Very good info. Please visit my web site, you will 
enjoy your visit. Here is my URL:

kellsi heller
polson montana 

i love grand coulee thats why i am doing a report on 
it but i need some serious info can you we-mail me plz

Bud Stanley
Green Valley,AZ 

This was one of our favourite places to visit while we were 
living in B.C. The laser light show is breathtaking.Thanks 
for a wonderful experience. Bud Stanley

Everett Washington USA 

The Dam is a radical place. Its so big and there is so much to 
explore in the dam area.  My family and I went inside the dam 
years back and it was really neat to see all the conrtol rooms. 
We come to the dam every year to see the light show and 
its rad every time. Thanks!


Although it has been like, 5 years sence I have been to 
the Grand Coulee Dam, it was so amazing, I liked it so 
much, and this year in the 9th grade, me and my friend 
Melissa are working on a project about the Grand Coulee 
Dam in Washington State History! That is why I came to 
this site, to find information, thanx!

Sheila & Terry Urlwin
Peterborough England 

This morning our thoughts are with the kind and friendly 
people of America and of those that we met at Grand Coulee 
in August 2001.

The dam was truly awesome. 
I would like to thank Bob Pachosa and 
Roger for that unforgetable Sunday morning.

Take care

Sheila & Terry


I am pleased to know that you updated your web site so quickly.  
I do hope you are open again soon. 


Anne T. 

My daughter has to do an independant field trip and this sounds 
like a good idea.  Great site! Anne, Whidbey Island

Michael K. Rowe
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

My family and I will be there next week.  
We are looking forward to this trip.  
It should be very interesting...

Kathy Skolnick
Longview, Texas USA 

I am looking forward to visiting this area at the end of 
September.  I hope we can make it for the Laser Light Show 
on the 30th.  I have never been to the State of Washington, 
and I'm very excited about 
seeing as much of it as I can.

Ed Sharp
Jeffersonville, IN 

AWESOME!  An inspiring expression of human engineering and 
labor to put God's precious gift of water to so many good uses.

Robert Lentil
Bonners Ferry, ID 

Thanks for the great site full of much needed info about 
the area.  Keep  it up!!

Jim Witmer
Tacoma, WA

Well, I too grew up here in the Pacific Northwest and as 
a kid viewed GCD after I did a report in school one year.  
Seems like a long time ago now though.  I recently made a 
return trip and was just a awstruck as I was the first time 
I saw her.  What I missed the last time was the roar of the 
water over the spillway.  Time has taken it's toll and the 
water has been replaced by a wonderful laser light show.   

It's hard to imagine when watching the spillway that water 
flowing over the spillway is higher than Niagara Falls.  
Only one word describes it "Spectacular!"  
I took the tour long ago as well, back when there was only 
two powerhouses.  
After seeing "Bonneville" or "The Dalles" you have to wonder
where did all that cement come from?

Thanks for a wonderful attraction at the cost of so much.

Amy Willis
Loon Lake, Washington, USA

Grand Coulee Dam is awesome.  Our family has gone to see the
 Laser Light Show at least once every year.  It is great.  
I love it.  Are van broke down there but we found a place 
to stay and a shop where we could get it fixed.  It was cool.

The bridge is cool and the restaurant on the other side is 
great.  I personally have not been on the dam tour in a long 
time.  It is time that I tour it again.  Thanks for the light
show.  Great job.  Love the music too...and the grounds.  
This is a MUST see for everyone in the surrounding areas.

Dennis Haveman
Bothell, WA, USA

Our family has been going to Lake Roosevelt for 13 years. 
 We have introduced many of our friends and they come 
camping with us every year.  We really have a lot of fun 
waterskiing, innertubing, wakeboarding and jetskiing 
(when one of our friends brings one).
If anyone would like a recommendation as to a place to 
camp where you can make reservations, so you are guaranteed 
a place to stay over looking the lake and only a mile away 
from it, e-mail me and I will pass along the information.  
It is a great campground and the owners are very wonderful 
people.  PS  I get nothing for this endorsement.

We will continue to go to Lake Roosevelt for a good many
 years to come.  The weather is great and the water is warm.

seattle usa

when people look at the grand coulee dam area it is small
i shoild no i hacve lived there and went to school there 
all my friends are there and all you think about when 
you move from grand coullee your thinking i hated this 
town it is so small and boring buut i really enjoyed it 
there all my friends and there like my family i feel 
like im one of them like the first day of school i didn t
fit in at all and now i love it once you move away from 
it you cry cry and cry because you miss them so much 
and now i know what it feels like to be gone from your
friends and family and think you know that it will hurt 
and now it sux in seattle i mean i miss the lake spring 
canyon the movies the bowling alley and all the things I 
have done over there like all the times i have got in 
troulbe and all the time we would do things we wern't 
supose to do i have to go, later. 

                     Mercedes Odell 

Mercedes odell 
seattle washington

hello i used to live in coulee dam i would more than 
like it if you guys would take care of my friends 
liuke travis irwin justin beagle zach thiefault shannon 
rauch teah crutcher ect..
  thanks and take care of my bestest place i have ever lived 

LeRoy Pattison / Tess Apedaile
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

We were with a group of motorcyclists on a camping
weekend from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area about four
years ago and were so impressed that we are coming back
to the area again this summer for a week. Interesting
place and the weather is wonderfully hot.

Scott & Tammy Graham
San Diego, Ca.

As a long term resident of Grand Coulee (grown up and moved),
 I was recently home for a brief vacation.  I was so energized 
by the most beautiful suroundings (taken for granted as a kid)
and breath-taking views!  Everyone should experience the Grand 
Coulee area and see this spetacular country and wonderful and
warm people.
 Thanks again for a truely wonderful vacation back home!

Roylene Sturm DiDio
Bellmawr, NJ  08031

I have some great pictures of the dam being built,
is there some place that would like to have copies
so they could be displayed for visitors.
What an awsome sight.

Roylene Sturm DiDio
Bellmawr, NJ  08031

I am very proud to say that my father helped build the 
Grand Coulee Dam.  In fact I was born in Electric City,
Washington during the construction of the dam.
He also helped build Hoover Dam, and my sister was
born at that site.
I am very proud of all the hard work my father did.

Valarie Davies
Seattle, Wa. USA

Beautiful place. We visit Steamboat Rock State Park at least 
once a year (this year we will actually make 2 trips) and 
have seen the laser light show twice. We would like to take 
the dam tour so as soon as I find out the schedule I'll pass 
the info on to family. Banks Lake is spectacular. Thanks

Paul Costanich
Enumclaw, Wa.

 13 years ago we stopped at a camprgound near GCD in the 
middle of the night while heading home from Montana. We 
have been to that place every year since then, sometimes 
with friends but usually just my son and I. We have told 
very few people where we go, I guess we want to keep the 
place our secret. 2 weeks and we will be back. 

Lynn Lipari

I'll be driving cross country this summer, and I was curious 
to find out more about the GCD.  Now that I've read all about 
it--I can't wait to visit!

Karen Rose
Everett, WA (USA)

we will be going to coulee city in 2 weeks, and heard 
about the lazer light show, and we would like some 
information on when, how much and times???

we are looking forward to seeing the light show.

Carolyn Donaldson
Tonasket, WA

The dam is a wonderful place to go for a weekend trip
I was knocked out by the shear beauty of the area.

I am planning on comming back for some more camping
down by the river.   OOOhhh  La La la la !!

Jamey Ayling
Nampa, Idaho

Well hello everybody in Coulee hope to see you next time 
i make a trip back home. 
The dam is such a great place you don't notice it as much
until you move away.  I miss the lakes and water sports. 
Down here in Idaho it is hot, dry and too flat.  


 Can anyone  tell  me what  amimal  helped  connect ropes  
and  cables  for  the  GRAND  COULEE  DAM  BY  SQUEEZING  

They Used Local or Stray Cats. Released them from a 
gunny sack. I am sure the cats were not harmed, but 
were were not too happy either.  ~ Jim Pachosa

dennis h. pierce
114 e. miami ave. logansport,ind. 46947 usa

Great area!! we are rock hounds, so you know what we like.
we are traveling back to wash. st. this july and want to 
see the laser show!! thanks, dennis and jayne pierce

Dennis R. Veum
Incirlik AB, Turkey

Liked the site. would like to see a actual comparison 
of the Grand Coulee and other Dams in the world


My wife (Marion) and I visited friends in Electric City last 
September and took that opportunity to visit the GCD.  
A magnificent and important feat of engineering.  
So important in the development of eastern Washington.

Twila Cherry Sloan
Yakima, Washington

I was born in Grand Coulee in 1937 & graduated from Grand Coulee 
H.S. in 1955. This will always be home. My dad Wayne Cherry was 
an ironworker on the dam. His rigger belt is in the Washington 
State Historical Museum at Tacoma. I go to G.C. at least once a 
year to visit my oldest & dearest friends.

Brianna Causer

I love the web site. Great job putting it together. 
Has great information for reports. Thanks.

Shirley Hausdorf

We loved Coulee Dam when we brought our children years 
ago and are looking forward to coming back soon to see 
how things have changed.

Jennie VanElla

Thank you very much for the information posted on your 
website. Our family is looking forward to visiting the 
area this summer. Because of the great website you have, 
planning our trip has just become a great deal easier. 
Thanks again!

Richard Elkins 55
Mercer island,Wa 98040, USA

Many Good Memories from 1947 to Today with being 
1955 Class Coordinator for High School Reunions.
 Wonderful Memories in the Areas of:
   Friendship ever lasting across many Classes
   School Days and teachers:
   Winters and Summers
   Farm Jobs
   Hunting then and later
   Fishing for BASS with sister
   Hand digging a Water well for the home  

Dr. Dre
Spokane, WA USA

i went to the dam.
it was cool.
i spit off the dam, it was far.
thank you for reading it.



robert van wagoner

beautiful place been there about 18 yrs keep a boat at two 
rivers on spokane arm. we are in the lake roosevelt boat club.

Lesley Sanderson
SeaTac, Washington United States of America

I am working on a Pacific Northwest History project and I 
decided to research the Grand Coulee Dam.
 If you have any brochures and/or packet information that 
could help me on my research,
I would greatly appreciate it if you could mail me the 
information. I am planning to make a visit up
 their to visit the Museum and surrounding areas. 
Thank you for your time and I thank you graeatly 
for any information you may be able to supply me with.
 Thanks again, Lesley Sanderson

Chris Askay
Rochester, Washington  United States

The grand Coulee Dam is one of many best places to go 
fishing in the United States.

Jodi Widner
Spokane, WA, USA

I was there in 1994 and have not found the time to come back.  
Trying to plan a vacation this year (2001).
 The Laser Light Show is AWESOME!!!!!

Nils Rønning

My wife and i was on holiday in Seattle in
September 1992.
My wife`s uncle and aunt was driving with us,to see
the Grand Coolee Dam. It was a great construction,
and the laser show was a experiense for life
Hope to come back some time.

Mead, WA, US

I have only seen the dam once but it was wonderful!! 
I hope to go back and see it again {Maybe the laserlight show!} 
as soon as I can!


We visited GCD in the early 80s.I would like information on 
camping in the area as we are coming back again this year.

Cindy S.
Marysvill/Washington/United States

There is a fact that I know.  The fact Iknow is the Grand Coulee
 Dam is big enaugh to build a six lane highway around the 
Unitad States of America.

Ben Nelson

What were some of the steps and problems 
while building the grand coulee dam???????????????????

Walt Latham
Grafton, VA 23692

I have visited the Dam, and it is truly a wonder. 
It is staggering to consider the statistics you have 
been provided.  Also, my friend and I were given a 
brief tour when we were there, and it was amazing. 
I would like for my three sons and my wife to see it.  
I never saw the laser lights, which must be spectacular.  
I appreciate you having a web page about your dam.  

Walt Latham 

Alaina Harvill
Pasco, WA  Benton

Plaese send me any info. about tours and the light show.  
Thank you!!  

Williams Gas Pipeline West
Attn: Alaina Harvill
606 S. Oregon Ave.
Pasco, Wa 99301

donald drummond
clarksburg,wv 26301 us.

please send some information on your dam and any other 
information that might be 
helpful to me and also some history 

                       thank u 
611 1/2 east pike street apt.A                   

Margie (Fish) Dryer
Glenrock,WY. USA

I miss "home"!  My family moved to GC early in 1946.  
Some family is still there.  
My father worked on the dams original construction as well.  
I attended grade school through high school there. 
 If you know me -email me!



Ty Rosenow
Tacoma, WA, USA

I have visited Grand Coulee Dam many times and will come back 
time and time again. Lately, I've been more interested in 
history of the dam and its construction. I guess my interest
was my grandfather who worked on the dam that means more to me.

Troy W BEnson
Punxsutawney, PA USA

When I toured the dam, they told me that the electric could goto
 California if necessary.  Now it is to my understanding that the 
dam, is at capacity, enough to meet the power needs of Chicago, 
BUT in reality its running San Fransisco +!!!  
I had a VISA Card issued by a San Fransisco bank, and it did 
not work so I started using my AT&T Universal Mastercard, 
based out South Hackensack NJ, I do not want to take any 
moe chances in such an unstable area, here we have the 
PJM (PA, NJ, MD Power Pool), , GPU ENERGY, 
is the main power producer  Grand Coulee better send 
electric as well as the canaidians, until Scientech can 
build a nuclear plant.

Heidi Zerbel

I've visited the Grand Coulee Dam many times, and  have gone 
on the tours and it's great to hear how everything works! 
I've also attended the Laser Light Show that is put on at 
certain nights! Wow, what a show it is! I come back every 
year for camping with my family and always take a memory 
and a souvenir home with me! Sincerely Heidi Z.





i think that your webpage should have more information on the
 effects of the dam on fish and wildlife.  I am sure at least 
that the dam has a confound effect on the salmon population.

krissy byers

i think that  grand coulee needs  more camp and rv areas to 
say at ,there is a big need to use campers that like to 
bring are water toys (wave runners,boats)and it is a big 
pain trying to plan a vacation to stay in the few parks 
that are near the water. we tried to get a spot for 6 
weeks and still have no where to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Winslow Benson
RD#1 Box 4, Punxsutawney PA 15767 USA

I think that the grand coulee needs to send electic to 
California, to ease the shortage.  During the tour, if 
I remember correctly, the movie said, that it delivers 
electric the whole way to california.

Grand Coulee, give California a boost, they need electrified.

Tanya Van Buskirk
Kirkland, WA

I am 29 and I lived in Grand Coulee from the age of 4 through 
4th grade ( I guess around 9 years old). My neice Heidi (who 
is now 28) and I loved growing up there especially going to 
Spring Canyon in the summers and seeing the color light shows 
on the dam at night.  I saw the new laser light show for the 
first time last summer when I went to Spring Canyon and camped 
for the weekend.  I still like the rainbow color show!  If 
you know anyone aroundmy age who went to grade school at Center
 Elementary or Columbia Elementary 
I would love to email them!  

Kirby S. Belcher Taylor
Prosser, WA

I spent my highschool days in Coulee Dam.
A 1975 graduate, (just barely).  Have returned a few times
for pleasure visits, once for my 20th class re-union.
It was a wonderful place to live.  I miss the roar of the
dam and the never ending train sound it made at night when
I tried to sleep.  I see my neighbor Jim Birdwell was here.
He used to spy on me from across the street.
Hello Jim! Any classmates want to e-mail me it would be fun!
Better leave a good clue as to who you are.  I don't read
just anything you know.

Roger Daugherty
Marina del Rey, Califonria

I miss you all, the dam, and everything, terribly!  
Except in the wintertime!!

Look for me in the summer!


Judy Stelljes
Lincoln, NE

My father was the electrical foreman of the project to build 
the Grand Coulee Dam.  I was thinking of him and of that time, 
searched the web, and found you!  Thank you for all the info!

Yvonne Rodgers
Seminole, Fl.

I feel like I know so many people and a lot about 
Grand Coulee from my fantastic instructor here at 
the Seminole Lib., Matt Pashosa. II went through the 
High School reunion with him and enjoyed learning about
the area.
Would be nice to visit some time.

Mike G Harper
Temple Terrace, FL USA

I'm going to come out there one of these days on Space-A which 
is free to Seattle.  I will then rent a car and make many 
visitations.  Mike
Spokane has Fairchild Airforce Base and it is only 80 miles away!

Catherine Reano
Knoxville, TN

Hello everyone in the Coulee!  I moved to GCD area 
in first grade and graduated in 97, My parents and family 
still all live there.  Congrates on a great web site and I 
hope to be there in Dec for the alumni basketball game.  
For those who don't know I got married and have a six month 
old baby boy, named aaron.  See you in December!
Catherine Reano (formerly Barry)

Mark Owyen
East Wenatchee, Wa. Douglas

It would be nice to have a live camera showing the area. 
It is beautiful and should be shown.

Doreen Paine
Alliston, Ontario, Canada

The site is very well organized.  Is Grand Coulee Dam larger 
than Hoover Dam?

Yes, in all respects except for the height.

Loretta Darst
Akron, Ohio    USA

I would love to visit that area.  I have relatives in the
 state of Washington, 
so perhaps some day........

Uncle Matt Pachosa
Largo FL (Pinellas County) USA

If html works here in this site you should see my latest 
adventure picture...
If it doesn't work, it should...Matt


Recording a Cemetery in St Petersburg, FL

Tim jones
Longview, Wa Cowlitz

I came to visit the Grand Coulee a few years ago.  
It was a memorable vacation stop.

Joanne L. Allen
Las Vegas, NV

While watching the Discovery Channel about the construction 
of the Dam, my husband and I entered into a debate about the 
location of the Grand Coulee Dam. For some reason, I believed 
that The Grand Coulee Dam, the Hoover Dam and the Bounder Dam
 were one and the same.  Just goes to prove we are never 
too old to learn something new.  
I'm 68 and my husband is 70.  Thanks for the information.  JLA

My Grandfather and 4 of his brothers finished working on
Boulder / Hoover dam ( they are one and the same ) in 1936 and
came up to Washington to Grand Coulee to work on the
Grand Coulee Dam.

Grand Coulee Dam started in 1933.

Jim Pachosa

Kenneth Sumner

Hello Grand Coulee I'll be coming home soon. It's a great place 
when you've been gone so long. Nice web site.

Tony Neisler
Greeley, Colorado, USA

I used to live in Coulee Dam.  We visited there a year or 
so ago, and had a wonderful time.  We really enjoyed the 
Laser Light Show.

Althea & Dave Frier
P. O. Box 1124, Broadalbin, NewYork, 12025 USA

We recently visited this beautiful dam.  While there we forgot 
to have the official cancellation in our Passport book, and we 
did not get the Official Map and Guide.  Can you please send us 
these and any other information about the dam available.  
We stayed at the Coulee House and enjoyed the nightly light 
show.  What a nice way to sepnd tax payers money!! Thank you 

Dets Daniel

Hi......moved away from the dam in Alaska
My family Lee Daniel, Nila Noble, Jeff Noble, Mark, Danny, 
Marcie, and Maria Daniel.
  Email us if you recognize our names.......


   Enjoyed living and raising my family in Elmer City.
Lots of nice friends and people there. Worked at the Wildlife 
and the Melody. Would love to hear from old friends. 
 Nila Noble.......

Michelle Ripplinger
Kennewick, WA

We are going to Grand Coulee Dam for the first time this weekend. 
I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. 

Iron Area Baseball Team
Morris County,  New Jersey

We are playing in the 2000 Babe Ruth World Series held in 
Moses Lake, WA  From August 10th to August 19th.
Planning on visiting the Dam sometime during this week.

Good Luck Iron Area New Jersey!!

kim sherman
auburn, wa  usa

We are looking forward to visiting in August.  It will be a fun 
vacation along with a learning experience for our 3 families we 
will be going with.

Tom Austin
Bowling Green, Kentucky.......U.S.A.

I thoroughly agree with Tony Benson's statement about dams 
(we need more of them.) They stated on T.V. that grand 
coulee dam had enough concrete in it to pour a highway 
from the dam area to Chicago then have enough concrete 
left for a sidewalk poured beside it and the dam is taller 
than 3 Statue of Liberty's and about the same in depth at 
the bottom of it. You can most likely tell that I really like
 history. I plan to surprise my Mother in making a trip 
to visit the dam area very soon. I would appreciate getting 
all of the information about the dam and it's area that 
is necessary.  
Thanks, Tom.

Frank Doering
Burlington, wa.

Wouldn't it be great to view a tour of the dam via your site. 
think of all the disabled or people who could not normally go 
the dam itself. Do you think that would be wonderful for them.  
I have toured it twice and just think it is great! The laser 
light show is the best!!  Keep it up.

Dail F. Melton

You have a neat web site. I use to live in the area, 
and am familier with some of the things offered there.
My dad worked as an operator for the third powerhouse at the dam. 
The family lived there from 1968 to about 1980. I graduated 
from Lake Roosevelt High in June 1975. 
I miss the area's scenery very much. 

Elaine Nyhoff
Lynden Wa

Larry and I are heading to Grand Coulee this coming weekend. 
This site was very helpful. 
We are looking forward to having a great time.

Troy Winslow Benson

Hi.  With the recent heatwave on the west coast, Washington, 
California, Oregan is lucky to have a natural huge source of 
electric generation at there fingertips. 

The Grandcoulee Dam, electric generating station, is large 
enough to meet the demand of Chicago.  If all power plants
 were like the grand coulee, there would be no pollution, 
nor co2 emissions which lead to global warming and eventual 
flooding of the earth.

I was just watching the Weather Channel, to find out a heatwave
 in California over the west coast lead to power shortages and 
outages.  I immediately thought of the GRAND COULEE DAM, which 
I visited with Gretchen Foster of Spokane Washington, my cousin.

Cory Hammer

  Best place I was ever born.
      Tell my grandmother that I miss her and mom.


shay jackson
apple valley,MN 55124

The site was real nice never been there but I would love to have 
information on the Grand Coulee Dam attractions and tours.

Troy Winslow Benson
RD#1 Box 4, Punxsutawney PA 15767 USA

The worlds resources with doubling population, and 
industrialization of third world countries, means a 50 year 
supply of resources.  By 2030 the world will have to build 
a Grand Coulee Dam in every city.  This will also be clean, 
our air conditioners will no longer add fuel to the global 
warming, I see hydro electric power in the future.

Troy Winslow Benson
RD#1 Box 4, Punxsutawney PA 15767 USA

I have been to the Grand Coulee Dam, I thought it was beautiful.  
I strongly believe in Hydro--electric power.  It is the power of
 the future.  With global warming, industrialization of third 
world countries, a 200 year supply of coal according to 
theologists is only a 50 year supply.  By the year 2030, 
the population will be double what it is now currently 6 billion,
 soon to be 12 billion.  We need a grand coulee dam in every 
city to supply electric, clean and renewable, its water over the
 dam.  We will have electric power cars, and when the oil and 
coal runs out, we will have no choice but to build dams, for 
hydro power.Clean recreational fun, comes from dams, like fishing, 
the Grand Coulee Dam is beautiful.

I hope that the whole world models that dam, 
its as enviornmentally friendly as it gets.

Troy Benson


We love the Roosevelt Lake area, in fact we have our boat moored
 in the lake.  However, we feel that the constant change of water
 level, especially in the spring before the fish hatch, is 
killing the walleye and other fish that inhabit the lake.  

Alan O. Green
Griffith, In. USA

As I used to live and work at Sun Lakes State Park in '78 & '79,
I must say to everyone reading this sign-in, you simply MUST 
take a summer vacation once in your life, in this area. 
It is THE most beautiful, scenic, fun-filled place you will EVER 
visit!!! Coulee Dam and the entire surrounding area is
magnificent. Sunshine, lakes of all sizes, the finest 
state parks in America, and anything else your heart desires. 

Possibly the #1 vacation destination in our country 
(I'm not kidding). 
Alan Green  

Patty Schmits
Monticello, MN USA

I am going to be in Washington on Julyth, I was checking to
 see if there were going to be any fireworks displays.  This
soulnd really nice, but I have to find out where it is first.
I am going to be near Sea Quest State 
Park near I 5.  I hope that I am able to make it.



Ron Judd

I have visited the area many times over the past 40 yrs.
& have always enjoyed my visits. Great website!

Jackie Horn
Irvine,KY   United States

Grand coulee dam is a great place to visit.
All my friends think it's cool!

Thomas Pickering
Grand Junction Colorado

I lived here for two years and I still love the place.
I gradutated back in '95 and I want all of my friends who 
read this to email me

Shawn O'Brien
Bothell WA US

I think that the Grand Coulee Dam is very aswome. 
I have been there before and it was very neat!

adelaide, south australia, australia

A friend of mine lives in this area so i thought 
i'd look up some web sites. i'm impressed by the 
size of the project and the profesional way the 
web sites are set out. hope to visit one day. 

Albert Bitterman
Seattle, WA  USA

My father is 87 years old. He helped with the 
construction of the dam in its early stages.  
He is reminiscing about his experiences; I printed 
all the info on Grand Coulee Dam I could find on 
the internet.  He is so proud to have helped 
(as so many many others did) to build such a 
marvelous project.  One day soon, I would like to 
bring him back to see such a montrous mass of concrete.

Jeff Loves Michelle

Jeffery loves Michelle always and forever....
Michelle if you ever see this....i love you

Cindy Parker
Lynnwood, Wa.
Hello;  I have been camping in the GCD area for the
past 5 or 6 years now...Steamboat Rock State Park to
be exact, Banks Lake.  It is a wonderful place!  
Just this last summer 7/99, I was blessed with the 
chance to meet a great guy, Brian, and all of his 
wonderful family, who live around that area also.  
I love hearing about all of the facts and stories 
they tell me about the area, thank you.  I now have 
been to the GCD area more times this year than all 
my years of camping there combined.  I enjoy seeing
 the lazer light show every is great!  
I will for sure be back there many more times in the
 near and far future.  The whole GCD area is beautiful,
 and so is my new family!!

                  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you.

Sally Arbon McDowell
Elmer City,  WA  USA

Having taught Language Arts in the Grand Coulee Dam
School District for 31 years,  I enjoy seeing past 
students who have visited this site. 
Keep up the good work!

Scott Graham
San Diego, Ca. (Grand Coulee Native in Navy)

Great page, reminds me of home! 
Graduated LRHS class of 79. 
Stationed in San Diego, Ca in US Navy. 
Keep up the good work!

Electric City, Washington

I think you guys should publish a page about Grand 
Coulee's history. It would help alot of people understand.

Spencer J. Meinzer
Grand Coulee, WA

I'm very glad I lived my whole life here. This is a
reminder to myself, just in case I decide to look
myself up in the future. I'm in my 4th year at Central on
Thanksgiving Break doing a history paper on Grand Coulee Dam.



I was born in Grand Coulee in the late 60's and have been
back a few times to see the Grand Coulee Dam. I now bring
my 4 children to see if as often as I'm able to get away.
My grandfather helped build the dam.

My Grandfather & his brothers worked on the Grand Coulee Dam,
and many other dams here in the Western U.S. through the

mid 30's to the early 80's as well.  ~ Jim Pachosa

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